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Areas of Expertise

An online dance course explicitly created for moms and available to anyone. Join me for grounding breath and visualization exercises, movements that feel good on the body, and space to relax and self-express. All classes are suitable for beginners to professionals. Move, relieve tension, and rejuvenate. 

Class 1: Release & Let Go

Class 2: Gentleness

Dub Dance Series

Dub is an electronic form of music stemming from the Caribbean. It is usually played on a sound system and has a strong bass. In these courses, I share key dub dance movements to positive music that elevate your heart, are full-bodied, and cause joyful sweat. The classes are fun and energetic, and the movements can be done at home or out clubbing on dance floors. Join me for a dance that grooves and moves to reggae dubwise. Suitable for all levels of dance experience. COMING SOON!

Nature Movement Walks

Numerous doctors and therapists have found that spending time in nature is beneficial for both our physical and mental health. In these sensory walk recordings, you will receive multiple exercises that guide you to connect with nature through simple movements. Just plug into your headset device while hiking or walking outdoors. Activities include breath work, sight focus, and moving the body in a way that helps you experience nature beyond your imagination. COMING SOON! 

photo by Ulysses Ortega

My Approach

  • Kinesthetic awareness and power by focusing on my mind and body connection.

  • A combination of somatic practices that include breath, constructive rest, danced imagery, meditation, mindfulness, and connection to nature.

  • Constructive teaching to help clients cultivate their inner knowledge and apply it to their wellness practices.

  • Equity & inclusion

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My Approach
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