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Cherie Hill Arms Crossed Photo by Carla Rhea.jpeg

Cherie Hill 
(Surya Devi)      

Dance, Somatics, Wellness (MFA)

Greetings! My name is Cherie Hill/Surya Devi and I am a creative artist who works with dance and expression to process life experiences. My movement practices have led me to research and investigate the body and ways to integrate the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Throughout my journey, I have cultivated healthy and engaging practices to process emotions, move through challenges, connect with self and community, and be well.


  • I am a dancer with over three decades of experience

  • A choreographer for over twenty years

  • A teacher of all different ages and demographics.

  • Master of Fine Arts in Dance with graduate certificates in somatics and women and gender studies.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance and African American Studies. 

  • Certified Planetary Dance facilitator.


My ancestral heritage includes family from the African continent, Jamaica, Panama, England, and the U.S. In conjunction with dance, I practice Surat Shabd Yoga; a meditation on inner light and sound which influences my dance practices and somatic exercises and helps me include meditation and mindfulness in my work. 


I am curious to know more about you and your interests. What brings you to this site? Please check it out, and let's connect!

Areas of Expertise

Dance, Somatic Practices, Mindfulness, Meditation, Dance in Nature, Choreography, Wellness, Equity & Inclusion

Dance & Movement:

Moving the body activates creativity, is healthy, rejuvenating, and essential to overall wellness. The dance classes I offer are typically suitable for beginners through professionals. I have experience working with specialized populations, including parents, women, persons in recovery, children, and those with disabilities and special needs. My classes offer:

  • Age-appropriate curriculum

  • Opportunity to improvise & self-express

  • African Diaspora dance styles

  • Self-awareness

  • Creativity & Connection

  • Dance in Nature & Site-Specific Dances

Choreography & Performance:

  • Solo Performances

  • Group Choreography

  • Artist Residencies & Collaborations

  • Planetary Dance facilitation



My consultation services include:

  • Dance education training.

  • Support in cultivating holistic practices & teachings through dance.

  • Tools and strategies for devising and implementing equity and inclusion.

  • Wellness product recommendations.

Health & Wellness Products:

My online store Lotus Cove provides over 450 products that nourish the body. 

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Contact Me

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(510) 630-8952

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